Garry Crick and John Eastham, who run the Autopact group, have always believed in the importance of giving back to the community. They were inspired by the 52 Lives concept which had been changing lives all over the world, including a number of people on the Sunshine Coast where their first car dealerships were based.

Through their charitable arm, the Autopact Foundation, Garry and John already support a number of charities through donations - so why do Autopact 12 Lives as well?

"The answer to that is 2 fold - firstly and most obviously, it is a chance to make a direct difference to 12 people's lives. What could be better than that? And secondly, we wanted something our staff could have a direct involvement in. When we draw a cheque to charity, it is always made possible by the hard work of our team, but sometimes it is hard for staff to see this connection. Auto pact 12 Lives gives them the chance to be directly involved at a more personal level." 

Garry and John

About Autopact 12 Lives
Autopact 12 Lives aims to help change the life of someone in our community every month - inspired by the charity 52 lives. 

Members of the public can nominate someone they know who is in need of help, and every month Autopact 12 Lives will choose one person for the Autopact team to help. It's simple, but incredibly powerful.

About Autopact
Autopact is an Australian car dealership group with operations in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Founded as Crick Auto Group in 1995 with a single dealership on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Today the Autopact group comprises 26 dealerships representing 30 new car brands. Each dealership is owned and operated by locals who are committed to supporting their local community. Through Autopact 12 lives, our entire team hopes to make a difference to the life of someone in one of our communities each month.

About 52 Lives
52 Lives is an award winning charity, launched in 2013, that enables strangers all over the world to help change the life of someone in need every week of the year. What started as a small idea has grown into a global movement of almost 100,000 amazing people willing to spread kindness to people they have never met. 52 Lives' founder, Jaime Thurston, is very proud to be part of the Autopact 12 Lives project, helping the Autopact team to change lives in their local communities.



To find out how you can make a nomination or offer help, visit our Get Involved page

"Be kind whenever possible.

It is always possible."

Dalai Lama