Life # 17 - Baby Nalu from Peregian Beach


This month, the Cricks team would like to help a Peregian Beach family – Chynae, Jimmy and their baby Nalu.


Chynae and Jimmy were highschool sweethearts, and have been together for 10 years. Chynae works as a vet nurse at the Noosa District Animal Hospital and Jimmy works for Shadforths.


They had been looking forward to starting a family and were thrilled when they found out they were expecting a baby.


Then, during a routine pregnancy scan, the baby was noticed to have both his kidneys dilated. They had to wait until Nalu was born, in June, to have follow up scans which revealed the dilation was resolved. Simply by chance they saw a dark area on one kidney. The hospital did further investigations dismissing the mass as a benign tumour with no complications. But a visiting pediatrician from Lady Cilento Hospital reviewed the scans and suspected something more sinister. They ordered more scans, an MRI and a biopsy of Nalu’s kidney - all at only 10 weeks of age.

What they sadly discovered was a cancerous tumour named Wilms Tumour - a cancer more common in children than adults but rarely detected in newborns.


Chynae and Jimmy’s excitement over their beautiful little boy has suddenly been rocked by this devastating news that has shattered their world and broken their hearts. Their beautiful baby boy has cancer.

The doctors are cautious about what to expect, as it is rare for this disease to be discovered this early, however treatment is specific. Little Nalu had his kidney removed in September and has started Chemotherapy, which he will have to have for 7-8 months five days a week. 

Chynae will be staying in Brisbane, whilst Jimmy tries to keep working so that they can maintain some financial income. But the expenses are still enormous and this young family could do with some support. The local community has rallied around to raise funds for the family, and Cricks would like to do all we can for them.


So, with your help, this is what we need:​


1. Christmas presents - Nalu's illness is taking its toll on the family financially. We would love to help make this Christmas a little bit easier for them. If you would like to help with Christmas presents, the best way is to buy a gift card from the store of your choice, and we will send them all to the family at the end of the month.


2. Groceries and fuel - Gift cards for fuel and groceries will help reduce the on-going travel costs they are facing, and also help them pay for the day to day necessities while Nalu is going through his treatment. If you would like to buy a gift card, or contribute towards one, please let us know.


3. Get well cards - Sometimes when you're going through a tough time, knowing there are people out there who care can make a big difference. Let's let them know they are not alone. If you would like to send a card to Nalu, please give it to Natalie Barker at Cricks Maroochydoore and we will send them all down in one big batch.