Life # 19 – Chris and Chayse from Glasshouse Mountains


This month, the Cricks team are helping a Sunshine Coast family that have been struck by tragedy.


Gemma Rane, mother of 1 year old Chayse and beloved fiancee of Chris, sadly died last month. She was heavily pregnant with their second child when her life was cut short by pregnancy complications.


Chris is now left to raise Chayse on his own, while trying to come to terms with the loss of his partner and unborn child. It's heartbreaking.  


The Glasshouse Mountains community has rallied behind the family, and fundraising efforts covered the costs of the two funerals. But they will need every bit of support they can get to help them through this horrible time.


As well as helping financially, we want to help bring some happy times into Chayse’s life. It is impossible for a child so young to understand what has happened, but as time passes, we would like him and his dad Chris to be able to share some special, fun times together. 


This is what we need


1. Donations - to help ease their financial burden.


2. VIP Tickets to SEA LIFE- This has now been arranged through SEA LIFE with the support of Merlin's Magic Wand, who have generously helped us with tickets for Chris, Chayse and two of their friends, for whenever they are ready to visit.


3. Gifts for Chayse - Obviously nothing can make up for the loss this little boy is experiencing, but we hope that some new toys and books will help bring a smile to his face. 


4. Tickets - to any local attractions of events, to give Chris and Chayse some more lovely days out together.


If you would like to make a donation or offer help with tickets or toys for Chayse, please click the relevant link below.