Life # 20 – Jordan from Brisbane

This month, Cricks 12 Lives would like to help an aspiring paralympian called Jordan Carroll. Jordan is originally from the Sunshine Coast but now lives in Brisbane.


When Jordan was 11, he had a massive bleed in his brain and subsequently had a stroke and fell into a coma. He was given a 3 per cent chance of survival. But he proved everyone wrong - he learnt to walk again and amazed doctors with his recovery. However, he was left vision impaired, with short term memory loss, and also a chronic pituarity illness . 


In 2009, Jordan was hit with another major blow when they discovered he had a brain tumour. Jordan had chemo and surgery, but sadly the nature of his tumour meant he would eventually go blind. In 2012, Jordan was put on trial drugs and had radiation. It was following his radiation treatment that Jordan - despite everything he was going through - decided to attend a Paralympic tryout day.


Jordan had heard about a ski camp and was keen to attend. And his love affair with skiing began. He trained every chance he could get and his parents worked hard to help him pursue his passion. He was thrilled to be invited to ski with the Paralympic squad. This remarkable young man impressed them so much that he was placed on the Paralympic talent list for skiing. 


But his dream was tragically cut short in October 2014 when he suffered from 2 more bleeds on his brain. The next year was a tough one for Jordan - he was devastated to give up skiing, and his fitness had gone backwards. It was then he started riding his tandem bike with his Dad, and a new dream was formed. 


Over the last 8 years Jordan has lost so much - his dream of going to uni never eventuated due to his short term memory loss, he can't read, he can't drive, he missed his graduation, and he had to give up on his skiing.  His parents say this new cycling dream is all he has and they are determined he will not lose this one.  But sadly, it is not a cheap dream! Jordan’s mum and dad are fundraising and putting every spare penny they have towards buying Jordan the kit and training support he needs. And it leaves very little for anything else they want to do for him. So we want to give this brave young man, and his lovely family, a helping hand.


This is what we need

1. Experiences for Jordan - Jordan’s mum, Marie ,said that with every penny going towards cycling, they aren't able to do anything else for Jordan. He is a bit of a thrill seeker and they would love for him to have some sensory experiences such as swimming with dolphins, going to a Broncos game, hot laps in a race car - anything that will put a bit of fun into his life. To make a donation towards this or to or buy Jordan an experience, please click the link below. 


2. Home cooked meals - This family have a lot to deal with at the moment, so home cooked meals would give them a helping hand. If you would be willing to cook a meal or two for Jordan and his family, please let us know by clicking the link below and we will make the arrangements.