If you have any more questions about Autopact 12 Lives, please feel free to contact us.
Why are you doing this?

Quite simply, we want to help make people's lives better. And we also want to give staff the opportunity to get involved in something amazing.

Who runs Autopact 12 Lives?


It's a partnership between Autopact and 52 Lives founder Jaime Thurston. You can read more about us here

What locations do you help people in?

Autopact 12 Lives helps people in the communities in which we work. That includes Tweed Heads, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast , Rockhampton, Orange, Dubbo, Bathurst, Melbourne and Wollongong.

I live outside your area. Can I still nominate someone who needs help?

As long as the person you are nominating lives in one of our communities, yes you can still make a nomination. 

How do you choose who to help?


Autopact 12 Lives hears about a lot of people in need of help. So we have to keep things very simple. We read through the nominations each month and simply make a judgement on who we would like to help. We unfortunately will have to say no to a lot of people, but we hope the 1 life we can change each month makes up for it.

Can you give me a car?


No! Sorry. As you can imagine we receive this request a lot.

"Your wealth or status doesn't define you. Your kindness and character does."