Life # 33 - The Beal family from the Sunshine Coast


This month, as part of the Autopact 12 Lives project, the team on the Sunshine Coast would like to help change the life of the Beal family.

4 year old Avery Beal has been through more in her short life than most people will in a lifetime. 


She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in August 2014 and has been fighting for her life ever since. In the last three years, she has been through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and bone marrow transplants.


For her family, as well as the emotional trauma of seeing their little girl go through so much, there has been the added financial pressure of having a seriously ill child.


Avery's mum Jen has spent years living in between the Beal family home on the Sunshine Coast and Lady Cilento's Children Hospital in Brisbane, while her dad David has cared for the couple's other five children on the Coast, juggling working to support them while home schooling their twins, who have autism.


Avery has had two bone marrow transplants and fortunately tests have shown she is clear of cancer cells.   This is amazing news but they still have a long road ahead.  In 85% of cases the cancer returns within the first 12 months following transplant, so they’ve been through months of regular bone marrow tests and nervous waits. 

The Beals have had a very tough few years and we want do to something kind for them. Not just to make their life easier on a practical level, but also to let them know there are a lot of people out there who care about them.

What We Need

Car servicing and repairs -  The Beal's family car is in need of some work, which some team members have already kindly agreed to help with - thanks guys! 

Gardening - We'd love to give the family some practical help, so they can focus on more important things. Specifically, we'd like to do a bit of gardening for them and clear some palm fronds and weeds. If you can spare a couple of hours, please click below and let us know. It might seem like a small thing, but your kindness and support will make such a big difference to them.

Thank you so much for your help!

March 2018