January 2015

Life # 10 - Jackson, a 10 year old boy from Tweed Heads


This month, Cricks 12 Lives would like to help a 10 year old boy from Tweed Heads called Jackson.


When Jackson was 8 years old he sprained his ankle. After 8 weeks of orthopaedics, xrays, MRIs and physio, he was referred to a paediatric rheumatologist who diagnosed Jackson with Juvenile Arthritis.


Juvenile Arthritis causes crippling and joint deformity, irreversible blindness, and also affects the skin and internal organs. There is no known cure.


Jackson spends most of his days housebound. His school will be arranging wheelchair access so he can attend school on the days when he is able.


Jackson’s parents, Bianca and Jerome, along with his older siblings, Joe and Ruby, are doing everything they can to help improve his quality of life. But the lists of needs is endless – hydrotherapy, massage, podiatry, a motorised scooter, a wheelchair accessible vehicle, computer access for home schooling, mobility aids, a beach wheelchair, educational support, disability housing … and so on.


Jackson has been in ‘flame’ since diagnosis, which means he battles chronic pain every single day, with very little relief.


We would love to help make this brave young boy's life a little bit easier for him.


So, with your help, this is what we need:​


1. A computer - It is very difficult for Jackson to attend school so he needs to do his schoolwork from home. A computer would make this a great deal easier for him. If your department would like to help with this, please let us know.


2. Gift vouchers (Coles/Myer or Woolworths) - Every spare cent this family has goes towards Jackson's various physical therapies. If we can provide gift vouchers to help pay for their day to day needs, it would free up more money for Jackson's treatments. If you would like to contribute to a gift voucher for the family, please let us know.