Life # 34 - The Marshall family from Mount Cotton


This month, the team at Mount Gravatt would like to help a family from Mount Cotton. 


In late January, 47 year old Andrew Marshall was killed in a truck accident near Bowen, leaving behind his wife Tracey and two young children, Tomas and Lorinda.  As well as dealing with the devastating loss of her husband, Tracey is now faced with having to support her children.


Tracey and Andrew had moved to Mount Cotton late last year. Despite a building and pest inspection, they quickly learnt that there were many issues with their home that needed urgent repairs. Andrew had been trying to sort these out himself on his days off, but many have now been left incomplete. Friends have been pitching to get a lot of the work done, but the back deck remains unfinished, leaving the backyard difficult to use.

This is an added stress that Tracey doesn’t need at the moment. With your help we’d love to give this family a hand. 

What We Need:


1. All hands on deck! The team at Mount Gravatt have enlisted the help of some great local trades to help the family – James Algie from JLG Building and Peter Kostowski from Brighter Electrical. But we also need some staff who are good with carpentry to help lay some decking. 

2. Donations - to help pay for some decking boards. ​

​To offer help or offer a donation, please click the link below to let us know by email, or speak to Richard Nicolson (service manager). 

Thank you so much for your help!

April 2018