Life # 24 - Mary from the Sunshine Coast

This month, Cricks 12 Lives is helping single mum and her children, who have been living in a women’s refuge on the Sunshine Coast.


Mary was forced to flee to the women’s refuge with her children to escape a violent relationship. She has no family to support her, and she had nowhere else to go. 


Mary has health problems so isn’t able to work and, now that they are on their own, her and her children have very little. She has been doing her best under incredibly traumatic circumstances, but she has fallen behind on one of her children’s school fees. Although they are at a public school, there are still resource fees to be paid. Mary now owes over $1000 in fees and it has become a huge a source of stress for her.


Cricks would like to make life a little bit easier for Mary and her children and so, we have decided to pay Mary’s school fee bill in full.


This month is slightly different  - this isn’t a request for staff to help, but instead just a story about what Cricks is doing on behalf of our whole team. We are very proud to be able to help this local family and wish them all the best for future.