Life # 41 - Cooper from Orange

This month, the team at Orange Motor Group is trying to help local lad, Cooper Tarleton. 


Cooper has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer in his femur. He has just commenced 29 weeks of chemotherapy, and has surgery scheduled for half way through this treatment.  


Cooper was just about to launch into the next phase of his life...he’s just finished his HSC and was accepted into 3 different universities to study medicine. Uni has been put on hold, and his family have had to temporarily relocate to Sydney for his treatment. 

This is going to be a massive fight for Coop, and there is a long road to recovery ahead - which will have a huge financial burden with it. His family have been raising funds to help cover the extra medical, travel and living costs they now face, so we reached out to see if there was anything we might be able to do to help.

Before all of this happened, Cooper’s dad was part way through doing some DIY renovations to their house. But all of his time now is spent either working or travelling, so there’s little time left to do any work on the house. They want to get it all done while Cooper is in Sydney, so minimise any paint fumes or noise when he is back at home.


With your help, we’d like to raise money to get some trades in to give him a hand. They need help to completing their verandah to stop rain leaking in the windows, repairing the roof, and also some painting. We'd also like to give them a hand with mowing.




  1. Donations...if you'd like make a donation to help Cooper's family, please click the link below to let Taylah know.

  2. Lawn mowing...we'd like to help out with some lawn mowing to give Cooper's family one less thing to worry about while they're away. If you'd be willing to volunteer some time, please click the link below to let Taylah know. 


Thank you so much for your help!