Life # 43 - Joshua

This month, the team at Cricks Tweed would like to help a 12 year old local boy called Joshua.


Joshua has autism, diabetes and sensory issues. Joshua’s glucose levels need to be regularly monitored to make sure he is safe and healthy, but the process of monitoring them has been causing Joshua a high level of stress – especially in the classroom. 


His therapist has recommended a piece of equipment called ‘Flash Glucose' – it’s a small sensor that Joshua would just need to wear under his arm. Joshua’s parents or anyone involved in his care can simply wave a meter next to Joshua’s arm to check on his current blood glucose level. This little sensor will improve Joshua’s life, ease his stress levels and help to keep him safe.


But it comes with a high price tag. It will cost his family $100 a month over the next 12 months, which they will struggle to afford. Josh also has a brother, who is in wheelchair and has a learning disability.  Life has been incredibly tough for this family, and we'd love to do something to help. 



 1. Donations : If you would like to make a donation towards Joshua's monitor, please click the link below to let Lovisa at Tweed know.

2. Donations of Big W gift cards: As well as the monitor, we'd love to surprise Joshua with a special treat - his iPad is 9 years old, and we'd love to help his mum to buy him a new one. If you'd like to donate a Big W gift card to help towards this, please click the link below to order your gift card. Gift cards can be given to Lovisa at Tweed, who will ensure Joshua's mum receives them.