Life # 45 - A mother and son in need

This month, the Sunshine Coast teams are trying to help a single mum and her 6 year old son who, until recently, have been living in a tent.


The mum has complex medical issues and has undergone a hip replacement and is in need of a shoulder reconstruction. She also has severe asthma and, as a result of extended steroid use, now has Vascular Necrosis.


6 weeks ago, she fell down the stairs and broke her foot so hasn’t been able to work. Her debts are mounting, and her car has been repossessed.


We heard about this family from Coast 2 Bay Housing, a local organisation that provides community and affordable housing to people in need. They told us this is a family desperately in need of help.


At the moment, the mum is sleeping on a broken mattress, while her son sleeps on a heavily soiled foam mattress. We’d love to buy them both new beds.


Her son also needs an iPad for school, which she has no way of affording. 



Donations : Your donation will be put towards buying the beds and iPad. Any donations we receive above that amount will be used to help the family in other ways. If you would like to help, please contact Sharron Stuart at the dealership by clicking the link below or by calling her on 07 53733100.

September 2019