July 2014

"She is like a ray of sunshine, even on the darkest days."

A little thank you from Keeley

Life #1 - Keeley Green, an 11 year old girl from Caloundra
Request: Buy a gift for Keeley, or make a donation

The first life Cricks 12 Lives wants to help change is that of 11 year old Keeley Green.


Keeley lives in Caloundra with her parents, Amanda and Daniel, her 8 year old brother Hazley and her new baby sister Jovie.


Keeley was born with hemimegalencephaly, meaning the left side of her brain was malformed, causing her to have hundreds of seizures a day. The only chance at relief from these debilitating seizures was to undergo hemispherectomy surgery, in which the entire left half of her brain was surgically removed.  She was just 13 months old. It took 22 hours and two surgeries to complete. 


As you can imagine, having half of your brain removed can make living a normal life very difficult.  Over the past 10 years, Keeley has had to undergo more than 15 surgeries and countless scans and procedures. She is not able to walk just yet, and needs a lot of help doing most things. But she is the most wonderful little girl, and despite her challenges she is always smiling. Her mum describes her as a ray of sunshine even on the darkest days.


Keeley’s parents were told countless times that she would not survive. She has.

They were told she would not speak. She is learning new phrases every week.

They were told she wouldn’t walk - but she is giving it her very best try to do that too.


Keeley has been through so much, and Cricks 12 Lives would love to do something to make a difference to this little girl’s life.


So, the request for the Cricks team is:


1. Buy a gift for Keeley

We would love to be able to surprise Keeley with a big bundle of presents. Anything you would like to give would be great, but some suggestions are: toys, CDs or DVDs (she’s a big fan of The Wiggles), picture books, tickets to the zoo or aquarium, tickets to the cinema….or anything else you think she might like. If you would like to buy a gift, please click on the button below to let us know.


2. Make a donation for Keeley

Amanda and Daniel have been fundraising for the expensive medical equipment they need to care for Keeley, and also for her rehabilitation. If you would like to make a donation to help them, please visit their fundraising page at http://www.gofundme.com/hopeforkeeley or click on the button below


Working together, we know the Cricks team can make amazing things happen.