February 2015

"I truly believe that what you are doing with Cricks 12 Lives is not only a great gesture for the person on the receiving end but also enriching for those who are exposed to it and have the opportunity to participate."


Stewart - Life # 11

Life # 11 - A family from Caloundra


This month, Cricks 12 Lives would like to help a family from Caloundra - Stewart, and his two daughters, 5 year old Riley and 1 year old Reese.


Stewart was a fly-in fly-out marine engineer, working in Dampier, Western Australia. His beautiful wife, 28 year old Fiona, was at home in Caloundra looking after their girls, Riley and Reese. 


In November, Stewart received a phone call that would change their lives forever. His father-in-law had arrived at their Caloundra home just after lunch to babysit his granddaughters, but when he arrived he discovered Fiona on the floor next to her bed. She had passed away and had been there for several hours. Unable to wake her mum that morning, brave little Riley took charge, getting food for her sister and even changing her nappies.


This family has been through such a terrible tragedy, and still they don't have answers. At first they thought Fiona may have rolled out of bed and bumped her head, and then suspected perhaps a spider bite, as Fiona loved to garden, but toxicology reports came back clean. They are now awaiting results of a brain biopsy to give them some answers.


Stewart has left his job so he can be at home with his girls, with the support of Fiona's father as well. When we asked Stewart what would be of most help to them at this very difficult time, he said anything that will bring some happiness to Reese and Riley would be all he could possibly ask for.


So, with your help, this is what we would like to do for them.


1. Cricks will be sending the family on a night away to the Gold Coast, so the girl's can visit Sea World.


2. Stewart and the girls love a BBQ so Cricks will be hosting a special BBQ which we would love as many staff as possible to come along to. 


3. Homecooked meals - Stewart is still coming to terms with everything that has happened, while also trying to care for Riley and Reese. Some home cooked meals would be a big help to him. If some of the Cricks team could cook some meals for them, we can drop them over a few times a week, this month to give them one less thing to think about.