March 2015

Life # 12 - Bella Harry, an 11 year old girl from Bli Bli


This month, we want to help an 11 year old girl called Bella.


A few months ago, Bella hurt her knee while playing surfing games in the pool with her brothers, Angus (9) and Lewis (7). Her parents, Emma and Shae, didn’t think too much of it at the time, as Bella had a very active lifestyle – she had already accumulated an impressive array of sporting achievements for someone so young. But this sore knee would change their lives forever.


When Bella’s knee didn’t improve after physiotherapy, an MRI scan was ordered. It revealed that Bella had a 15cm bone tumour just above her right knee. From that point on Shae and Emma’s daily concerns have had to take second place to coming to terms with their little girl having cancer.


The following week Bella was admitted to hospital in Brisbane for more scans, biopsies and tests that most adults would find difficult and painful. The scans and tests sadly showed that the cancer (osteosarcoma) had metastasized and spread to other parts of her body.


And so, instead of enjoying her first year of high school at Saint John’s College in Nambour, or celebrating her 12th birthday with friends, or preparing for the Surf Life Saving championships, Bella has spent the past 10 weeks in hospital undergoing her first round of chemo.


Bella, Shae, Emma, Angus and Lewis are at the start of a very difficult journey. Emma has had to take leave without pay from her work as an Administration Secretary so she can be with her daughter. And Shae, who works as a soil tester, has only recently taken on a new job and hasn’t accumulated any time off.


This family, probably like most of us, would not have been prepared financially and never prepared emotionally for one of their children being diagnosed with cancer. Treatment and hospitalisation for Bella is Brisbane based, while her brothers remain when possible at school in Nambour. Shae and Emma trying hard to make sure the boys are not too disrupted. This, while trying to keep up with Shae’s work, the mortgage and most importantly the treatment to battle Bella’s cancer.


With the help of the Cricks team, we would love to do something to help support Bella and her family through this difficult time.


This is what we need:


1. Concreting their path: Bella has just returned home for the first time. She is currently in a wheelchair, and struggled with the path outside their home. It is a paved path which has a couple of steps. Getting the path concreted would be a huge help to them.  If you would like to contribute to this, or if you know someone who can offer assistance, please let us know.


2. Homecooked meals or supermarket gift cards Some home cooked meals would be a great help to the family and give them one less thing to think about. Supermarket gift cards would also give them a hand financially. If you would be willing to cook some meals which we can drop over to the family, or if you would like to buy them a gift card, please let us know.


This isn’t just about giving the Harry family some practical help – it’s about showing them that the local community is behind them every step of this difficult journey. Any help you can give will make a difference.