August 2015

"We went for another Xray. Every time I see her spine I think, no wonder she has pain. Even sitting in the car for short journeys hurt her."

Krissy, Emalisse's mum

Life # 15 - Emalisse from Caloundra


This month, Cricks 12 Lives would like to help a 12 year old girl from Caloundra called Emalisse, who has been having a tough time.


Emalisse has severe scoliosis of the spine and needs to have major back surgery in August. She was diagnosed when she was 7 years old, and has had to wear a back brace every day, for 23 hours a day, ever since. But unfortunately her spine has worsened to the point where surgery is her only option. She is in a wheelchair now, and in constant, severe pain, and they are hoping this will help improve her life.


The surgery will involve inserting rods, pins and also donor bone to fuse her spine. It is major surgery and it will take 12 months for her to recover.


Emalisse’s family have raised more than $7000 to cover the cost of the surgery, physio and rehabilitation, but they still need another $800 to reach their $8000 goal.


All they want is to give their daughter the chance to play and enjoy life like other children, without being in constant pain. We would love to help them do that.


This is what we need:


1. Donations
The family still has another $800 left to raise. Please click the link below to make a donation online.


2. Presents for Emalisse

We would love to surprise Emalisse with some special presents to brighten her day and let her know that there are lots of peole out there who know what she's been going through and want to help. She loves lego, itunes, and teddy bears (but has a phobia of dolls, so please avoid those!) If you or your department would like to donate a gift, please click the link below and let us know.


Let's help change this young girl's life.