July 2014

Life # 2 - Jace Tyler, a 10 year old boy from Tweed Heads
Request: Buy sensory equipment or make a donation

Cricks 12 Lives wants to help Jace, a 10 year old boy from Banora Point, Tweed Heads.


Jace was born 3.5 months premature, and sadly caught golden staph when he was just two weeks old. The infection ate away his hip joints, which left him in need of a wheelchair. He also has ADHD and a severe anxiety disorder.  


Jace’s mum, Lisa, cares for him full time and is also studying nursing and his dad, Nathan, drives forklifts and trucks.


They have been trying to raise money to buy some sensory equipment for Jace, such as a weighted blanket, massage mat and a vibrating pillow, which will help with his anxiety and provide much-needed pain relief at bedtime. They also need to buy a new wheelchair as Jace has outgrown his old one.


These items will change this little boy’s day to day life, and we would love to be able to give them what they need so they forget about fundraising.


So the request for the Cricks team is:


1. Buy sensory equipment

There are various pieces of equipment Jace needs, ranging in price from $30 up to $300. If you would like to buy something for Jace, please let us know and we will send you a link to the items he needs.


2. A new wheelchair

If you would like to make a donation on the family’s fundraising page towards Jace’s new wheelchair, visit this link or click on the button below http://www.gofundme.com/al4mzs


Let's help change Jace's life.