Life # 5 - Tara Deacon from Currimundi


This month, Cricks wants to help an amazing Sunshine Coast woman, 25 year old Tara Deacon.


Tara and her sister Jade were both diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma on the same day – 8 May 2010. There is no known family link to the cancer, so it was a very unusual case. Both women went through intensive chemotherapy and 2 stem cell transplants, side by side, supporting each other every step of the way. One year ago, Tara went into remission. But the news was not so good for Jade, who sadly passed away in February of this year.


After the tragic loss of her sister, Tara immediately started taking care of Jade’s 5 year old daughter, Acacia, doing everything she could to be the best mum she could to her little niece.


Recently, Tara found out her own cancer has returned. She is having radiation to keep it at bay, but doctors have said there is nothing else they can do. Tara is hoping to have another 18 months.


This family has been through unbelievable hardship. Acacia is once again facing the prospect of losing her main caregiver. Tara and Jade’s parents, John and Tracey Deacon, face losing two children in under two years. And Tara’s partner, Shane, and step-daughter, Tash, are losing the love of their lives.


Tara said that, above all else, she just wants to create some amazing memories for her family. We want to help her do that. 


So, this is what we need:


1. Tickets for a whale-watching cruise

Tara would love to take the children on a whale-watching cruise. If this story touches you and you would like to be involved, please speak to your department manager about getting your department to pay for this and then handing it over to Tara. 


2. A tablet

The family has been wanting to buy a tablet so they can make videos and take photos of their time together. Does your department have one they are not using? Or would your department like to buy this? Speak to your manage and let us know. 


3. Your ideas

If there is anything else you can think of and you would like to help, please let us know.