Life # 7 - Paul Buttigieg from Tweed Heads


This month, Cricks would like to help a 77 year old man from Tweed Heads called Paul Buttigieg.


Earlier this year, Mr Buttigieg was on the bus on his way home from Tweed Heads Bowls Club, when he was attacked by two young woman.


He is visually impaired, so couldn't see clearly what was happening to him. He was punched and kicked, leaving him with injuries to his mouth, bruises on his arm and his  glasses were smashed.


He was devastated by the attack and was in tears when he was interviewed about it, even months later.


We want to show Mr Buttigieg some kindness. With your help, this is what we would like to do for him:


1. Gift vouchers: Mr Buttigieg is a regular face at the Tweed Heads Bowls Club, and often eats his meals there. We would like buy him some dining vouchers, to cover the cost of some meals for him.


2. Plumbing: We found out Mr Buttigieg needs some basic plumbing work undertaken in his home. We would like to arrange the plumber and take care of the cost for him.


The Tweed dealership is jumping on board to help Mr Buttigieg with these things. If you would also like to help, please click on the link below to let us know.