November 2014

Life # 8 - Abbey Anthony, a 3 year old girl from Brisbane


This month, Cricks 12 Lives would like to help a young Brisbane girl called Abbey Anthony. It's Abbey's birthday this month - she will be turning four. And in those four years she has faced more challenges than most people will in a lifetime.


Abbey has Rett Syndrome, which is a severe brain and genetic disorder of the nervous system. It is usually only seen in girls and affects all body movement. Children with Rett Syndrome tend to grow more slowly than other children and have a small head size.

Abbey is unable to talk and has only been walking for a couple of months. She also has limited use of her hands.  


Her parents, Lucy and Naaman, are incredibly proud of their little girl – proud of the few signs she has managed to learn to help communicate, proud of her few wobbly steps and proud of just how hard she tries despite all the obstacles she is being forced to overcome. 


We would like to give Abbey the birthday present of her dreams. She would absolutely love an outdoor climbing frame/swing set. She craves movement and her mum says she would swing and slide all day if she could. Besides being a huge amount of fun, it will also help with her upper body strength, fine motor skills and problem solving. 


If you, or your department, would like to make a contribution to the climbing frame - or if you would like to give Abbey a different gift -  please let us know.

"The look on Abbey’s face was priceless and something I will not forget for time to come."

Doug Pearce - Cricks Highway