Cricks team donates $500 flight voucher to help the Roberts family

The Roberts family from Rockhampton - Michelle and Shane, and their three children, Tyson, Harley and Cheyenne - have been going through some tough times.

One year old Cheyenne has had to face a lot of challenges for someone so young. She is deaf, has a rare chromosome disorder which requires regular treatment, and has also been diagnosed with cerebral palsy down her left side. Her vision is poor and she also needs to wear special boots to help her walk. The family has to fly to Brisbane every 8-10 weeks for her check ups and treatment and the flights are placing a large financial burden on Michelle and Shane.

The Cricks team wanted to help ease that burden, and raised more than $200 for the family - which Cricks decided to double. So we were able to send the Roberts family a Virgin Australia voucher for $500.

This is the note Cheyenne's mum, Michelle, wanted to pass on to everyone at Cricks...

"I would just like to say thankyou to all who have helped. This means so much to us and to my baby girl. You really are a blessing to my family. The cost of going to Brisbane all the time has hit my family hard. This gift voucher for flights will make the next few trips a lot easier on our family. Thankyou all so much. You really do change lives, and have helped to change ours."

Michelle Roberts

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