Cricks team puts a smile on a young Rocky boy's face

Zane Brown is a little boy from Rockhampton, living in Brisbane temporarily so he can be closer to the hospital.

A few months ago, Zane was diagnosed with neuroblastoma (a type of cancer). His parents have been told he has a 50/50 chance of beating it.

It is obviously a heartbreaking time for the family. Zane is undergoing a great deal of treatment, which often makes him feel very ill - something that's very difficult for someone so young to even begin to understand.

When we asked what would be of most help to them, Zane's mum said they simply want to make his life as fun as possible, and fill it with as much joy as they can.

Thanks to the amazing Cricks team, we were able to give Zane and his family an Annual Pass to Australia Zoo, a VIP Day at UnderWater World (with thanks to UnderWater World and Merlin's Magic Wand) and a $250 Caltex fuel voucher to help with their transport costs.

Thank you to everyone who donated. You have absolutely made this little boy's day.

"Thank you so much. We have just received the gifts you sent for Zane. Zane will have a blast and it helps us out so much. Thankyou - we are so grateful to you all."

Kristie, Zane's mum.

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