Tweed Heads team spreads some kindness

In October, Cricks heard about a 77 year old man from Tweed Heads called Paul Buttigieg, who had been through a difficult time. Mr Buttigieg had been on a bus on his way home from Tweed Heads Bowls Club, when he was attacked by two young woman.

He is visually impaired, so couldn't see clearly what was happening to him. He was punched and kicked, leaving him with injuries to his mouth, bruises on his arm and his glasses were smashed.

He was devastated by the attack and was in tears when he was interviewed about it, even months later.

We want to show him some kindness.

Thanks to the wonderful team at Cricks Tweed Heads, we were able to give Mr Buttigieg $110 in dining vouchers for his beloved Bowls Club, and we also arranged for a plumber to fix his washing machine - something he had needed help with for some time.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped. Sometimes gestures that may seem small can make a big difference to someone's life.

Cricks Tweed Service Manager, Ben Hall, and Dealer Principal, Jamie Wass,

were very happy to present Mr Buttigieg with his gift vouchers.

#life7 #paulbuttigieg #tweedheads

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