Cricks helps get Dana on the road

Lisa and Bob Christensen and their four children, Jess, Conrad, Dana and Jordan have been through a difficult time.

16 year old Jess was born with severe cerebral palsy, and Lisa cares for her full-time. Last December, both Jess and her dad, Bob, were diagnosed with cancer within days of each other - Bob with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Jess with Leukemia.

The family needed to help their teenage daughter, Dana, to get her driving license - it would help Lisa, and also significantly improve her own employment prospects. Dana had noone to teach her and couldn't afford private lessons. Their car was also not in great shape.

With everything this family has been dealing with, we thought the least we could do was to help get Dana on the road.

Cricks staff members donated $300, which bought 5 professional driving lessons for Dana, put together a special hamper, and some of the team also kindly volunteered their time for lessons. And a big thankyou to the team at Maroochydoore, who serviced the family's car.

Jess with her dad, Bob

"This is photo of Jessica and her Dad in front of the van that everyone there has so generously helped to get up and running. With the help of Cricks Maroochydore, we were able to get it serviced and 2 new tyres as well as some driving lessons for Dana."

"Jessica is doing well on the small amount of chemo she is receiving and Bob is making an excellent recovery after his stem cell transplant last year. We are so grateful for what you have done for us and so many other people in the community. Thankyou all."

The Christensens

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