A note from Deano

Dean Stuart from Cricks Maroochydoore Wises Rd took the time to deliver gifts to Maree and Coby (our Life # 14) , and also arranged the loan and delivery of a car so they could take a special trip to Sealife.

One good turn deserves another, don’t you agree? When I read about Maree looking after the payment for fuel at a service station on behalf of someone else, I knew this wasn’t just another person – it was someone who cared, who thought more of others than herself, who wanted to do the right thing and who did it despite her own difficulties. This good turn deserved another!

So when the chance came along via Cricks 12 Lives for us to look after Maree, it was an easy decision! On behalf of Cricks Maroochydore Wises Road it was a pleasure to offer Maree the use of a demonstrator Skoda Octavia Scout for a weekend to compliment her trip with her son Coby to Seaflie Underwater World (donated via Cricks 12 Lives).

For us it was just a car, one of about 150 sitting on the lot every weekend, so we were never going to miss it in the big scheme of things. However for Maree who had the engine in her car fail and couldn’t afford to repair, the basic concept of transport was planned around friends, bus timetables and footpaths.

To see her reaction and appreciation for what we could do should encourage us all to do that good turn when it comes along no matter who it is. It’s what makes the world go round.

#life14 #deano

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