Cricks pays it forward to kind local hero

Last month we read about a kind act performed by a local woman in a petrol station.

75 year old Geoff Isaac was filling up his car with petrol in Nambour, on his way to a hearing appointment. When he realised he had left his wallet at home, he became quite distressed. The lady serving him said he only had an hour to return with the money. When Mr Isaac returned later to pay for his petrol, he was shocked to discover it had already been paid by a kind stranger, called Maree Gilbert, who was later featured in the Sunshine Coast Daily.

The article mentioned that Maree was also experiencing some difficulties herself, so Cricks decided to track her down and repay her immense kindness. Maree is a single mum. Her son, Coby, has autism and she drives a taxi to try to make ends meet.

Thanks to the wonderful team at Cricks, we were able to give Maree and Coby $500 in gift cards to help them financially. We also arranged a special VIP day at SEALIFE for them and two of their friends.

To make sure they got their in style, Deano and the team at Wise Rd loaned gave them a car for the weekend.

Read Deno's note on why he decided to get involved in helping Maree

"Thank you guys so much! We had the best weekend at Sealife. :-) A lady named Sam met us at the front and showed us around (even the back) which the boys (my son & nephew) absolutely loved. It was a huge help with the car & was an absolute pleasure to drive. Thank you to all of the staff involved for giving us a great weekend, we really enjoyed ourselves!

Also, you guys are wonderful for what you are doing for the community! It's a very special feeling that will forever be a part of our memories and hearts!

You guys are truly beautiful souls. Thank you thank you thank you"

Maree & Coby xx


"I am writing to you to thank you for the acts of kindness that you gave my daughter &grandson over the past weekend. We really appreciate the use of the car and visit to Sealife This meant a lot to them." Don Gilbert

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