Tweed team delivers gifts to 10 year old Jackson

Jackson is a 10 year old boy from Tweed Heads. Two years ago he was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. It causes crippling and joint deformity, irreversible blindness, and also affects the skin and internal organs. There is no known cure.

Jackson spends most of his days housebound. He has been in ‘flame’ since diagnosis, which means he battles chronic pain every single day, with very little relief. His school will be arranging wheelchair access so he can attend on the days when he is able.

Cricks wanted to help make this brave young boy's life a little bit easier for him.

Thanks to some incredible genersity from Cricks staff, we gave the family a helping hand. We were able to give them a $500 Woolworths voucher to help ease their financial pressure, thanks to donations from staff members, including Glenn and Kirsty at Tweed, Andrew Jones and Andrew Murton at Mercedes-Benz and Anthony at Maroochydoore. Ben from the IT department kindly donated a desktop computer, which will help Jackson with his schoolwork while he is at home. And Cricks also bought the family 12 months of pre-paid internet access.

Thanks everyone. It will make a big difference to this family's life.

#life10 #tweedheads #jackson

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