How Cricks kindness is spreading far and wide

Last month, Cricks wanted to help a Caloundra family going through a very difficult time.

Stewart tragically lost his wife, Fiona, in November. And his two daughters, 5 year old Riley and 1 year old Reese, lost their mum.

Fiona was just 28 years old, and died suddenly while Stewart was away. Unable to wake her mum that morning, brave little Riley took charge, getting food for her sister and even changing her nappies. What they have all been through is just heartbreaking. With his world turned upside down, Stewart has left his job to look after his girls, and is doing everything he can to bring as much joy as he can into their lives.

After we shared the family's story on Cricks 12 Lives, the response from the Cricks team was just incredible - and the kindness they have shown will change more lives than they realise.

This is what we did....

Held a big BBQ breakfast with Stewart and the girls.

More than 30 staff joined in, there was balloons and face painting, and Glen Turrell and Dean Stuart cooked a delicious brekky for everyone.

Delivered homecooked meals to the family. Many staff, and their partners, have been cooking meals for Stewart, which Natalie Barker has kindly been dropping over to Stewart several times a week. We've had lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise, devilled sausages, chicken pie, casseroles, cupcakes and slices as well as some farm fresh eggs. It has made Stewart's day to day life a great deal easier.

Arranged a whale-watching trip.

Fiona always wanted to go on a whale watching trip, and Stewart said he would love to take his girls on the trip their mum had wanted to do. So Cricks will be making arrangements for them to fulfill that dream.

Spread kindness.

There's no doubt that the tangible help we gave Stewart, Reese and Riley made a small difference to their life, but it was the simple act of kindness itself that had the most profound effect. Stewart was so overwhelmed with the support shown to him by the Cricks team - who were complete strangers to him - that he was determined to pay it forward and help someone else in need. Last week, we discovered that Stewart has just made a significant donation to help a young boy who had recently lost his sister to cancer.

Unexpected kindness is a powerful thing, and it has a ripple effect. The ripple started by the Cricks team this month is something to be very proud of. Below is a letter we received from Stewart...

Hi Nat,

I would just like to thank You, Jaime, Garry, John and the Cricks Family for everything you have done for the Williams family over the past few weeks.

It has been a completely unexpected but welcome gesture to receive so much love and support from people that are just genuinely kind and want to help make another person's life that little bit more enjoyable. Nat, you have been absolutely amazing coming to see us regularly with all the beautiful meals and treats and organizing the barbecue and face painter!

The barbecue that was held last Sunday was so much fun for the girls and particularly memorable for me in that after talking with a few of the friendly faces that were there, I realized that although we all have our individual hardships, there is always someone else that is going through a difficult time with friends, family or even just by themselves.

I truly believe that what you are doing with Cricks 12-Lives and Jaime's 52-Lives initiative is not only a great gesture for the person on the receiving end but also enriching for those who are exposed to it and have the opportunity to participate.

I want to thank everyone who has given to us so generously, taking the time to make meals, taking the time on your Sunday morning to have a barbecue with us, and in advance for giving us the opportunity to watch whales later in the year. Something I regretfully put off last year when Fiona had asked. Thank you all so much!

Many many many thanks,

Stewart, Riley and Reese.

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