How the Maroochydore service team changed a life.

You might remember that a few months ago, Cricks 12 Lives helped the Christensen family. Lisa and Bob Christensen and their four children, Jess, Conrad, Dana and Jordan have been through a difficult time. 16 year old Jess was born with severe cerebral palsy, and Lisa cares for her full-time. Last December, both Jess and her dad, Bob, were diagnosed with cancer within days of each other - Bob with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Jess with Leukemia.

Helping them to get Dana on the road was going to make a big difference to their day to day life, and so Cricks staff members donated money to buy driving lessons, some volunteered their time for lessons, and the team at Maroochydoore also serviced the family's van.

Since that time, it came to our attention that a little bit more help would go a long way for this family. Their van was in need of a few repairs, which the family were struggling to afford.

When Cricks Service team heard the family were in need of a bit more help, they immediately volunteered - even offering to do the work in their own time.

A very big thank you to Dean and Jarrod. It might have only seemed like you were just changing a couple of ball joints, some shocks and a muffler, but to this family, you were changing their life.

Jarrod kindly voluteered to fix the family's van

"Thank you once again to everyone there who put their time into

getting our van fixed. It's running a lot better now.

We really appreciate the time, effort and generosity from all of you.


The Christensen Family

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