Kindness for a struggling family

Earlier this month, we heard about a family on the Sunshine Coast in need of kindness.

The family, who need to remain anonymous for their own safety, consists of 7 children. They had to flee their family home from another state because of domestic violence and are now living in a refuge on the Sunshine Coast.

Four of the children are at a local state school, and their mother was struggling to be able to afford to pay the school fees. She, along with the refuge staff, were doing all they could to help the children stay in school but the financial strains were making it much more difficult.

Thanks to the generosity of the Autopact team, we were able to cover the full costs of the school fees - $880. Thank you so much to everyone who helped. It has made such a big difference to this family's life.

#womensrefuge #schoolfees #life25 #sunshinecoast #kindness

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