Getting Nicky back on the road

This month, we wanted to help an incredible woman called Nicky, and her three children. ​

Nicky is a single mum to Chelsy, aged 9, and twins ages 7. When Chelsy was a toddler, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Morquio syndrome. It is a very rare disease of the metabolic system, and its effects are severe. ​Chelsy doesn’t grow very much and is in a wheelchair. She has spent much of her young life in hospital seeing multiple specialists.

Nicky lives solely off a carer’s payment from Centrelink, and is also somehow managing to study part time at university so she can gain a qualification. Her own parents live interstate, so she is juggling Chelsy’s treatment, looking after her twins and her university studies all on her own.

Nicky’s car, a 2006 Holden Adventura, was in need of repairs and a service but it simply wasn’t something Nicky was able to afford to do. This car was her lifeline as it is the only way she can transport Chelsy and her wheelchair to hospital.

We put out a call to staff to see if anyone could help, and thanks to the kindness of Stephen and the team at Cricks Highway, we made it happen. The team found over 25 cosmetic and mechanical issues with Nicky's car, and happily repaired them all. They also gave her a car to use while the repairs were underway.

Nicky was so grateful to everyone for their help. It made her life so much easier, and helped her feel supported at a time when she needed it most.

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