Getting Shanai on the road

Last month, the team at Tweed Heads wanted to do something kind for a local teenager who has been having a difficult time.

Shanai is 17 years old and suffers from an intellectual learning disability, anxiety and ADHD. She struggles to make friends so tends to just spend time with her family. Her mum is on a disability pension, and they both live with her grandma.

Her mum is doing everything she can to help her. Shanai sees a psychologist each week to help with her anxiety, and her mum is also trying to help her gain life skills.

Shanai recently got her Learner's Permit, which is a major achievement for her. Her mum has been trying to pay for lessons for her at special driving schools called Street Wise that caters for students who need a greater level of support and guidance. The staff are specially trained and Shanai has been making good progress with them. But her mum can’t afford to keep paying for the lessons.

Shanai and her mum have been through a lot and we wanted to help make life a little bit easier for them.

Thanks so the generosity of the Tweed Heads team, we donated $350 to help cover some driving lessons for Shanai. We hope it makes life a little bit easier for her.

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