Sunshine Coast team help local family

In honour of Pinktober – a month dedicated to Breast Cancer awareness - the team on the Sunshine Coast wanted to help a wonderful family whose lives have been turned upside down by this awful disease - Eva and Simon, and their children Luca and Mia.

Eva was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, at 36 years of age. Her son Luca was just 8 months old and her daughter Mia was 4. Eva underwent aggressive treatment including bilateral mastectomies, removal of lymph nodes and ovaries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. It has been almost 2 years of severe sickness, anxiety over financial pressures, fear for the future…mixed with the normal day to day life of being parents that doesn’t stop for any illness.

The hope was that the intensity of Eva’s treatment would stop the cancer in its tracks. But Eva has just been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. The cancer has progressed and spread to her bones. She is once again undergoing aggressive treatment.

Eva and Simon have been through a horrific 2 years and still have a massive battle ahead of them.

We heard about Eva and her family through her nurse at Bloomhill. When Eva heard we wanted to help them, her nurse said there was “a huge sigh of relief”.

Thanks to the support of so many wonderful people, we were able to donate almost $3000 in gift cards to help Eva and Simon.

A big thank you to Helen Thomas, Larissa Cornacchia, Dean and Sharon Stuart, Cricks Springwood and John Cussen. And a huge thank you to the team at Go Transit for making a very generous donation to the family.

We were also able to donate 2 recordable comfort bears from Mummy’s Wish

(Image above: Eva pictured centre with Tam from Autopact on the left and her Bloomhill nurse Rochelle on the right)

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